Grains for your health

With Dorrel McLaren

When: March 6th, 2022 - 3pm EST

Where: Class will be held on Zoom. Link will be provided after registration.


Registration is limited and there are only 25 spots available

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Dorrel McLaren holds degrees in Organizational Management, and Nutrition & Diet Concepts. Dorrel is a Medical Missionary. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, a Certified Vegetarian Food Instructor, and a Food Service Manager. She also holds certificates in Hospitality & Tourism Management, and Online Health Coaching.

She has co-authored one cookbook with Dr. Inskip Allsop (The Transitional Cookbook), and is currently working on a second one (Something Different Cookbook) with her husband, Dr. Earl A. McLaren.

Dorrel has also been featured on the popular Christian World wide network, 3ABN.

Some of her hobbies include creating new recipes, cooking, traveling, singing, playing in the steel band, substitute teaching, and serving others.

This Masterclass will start in

This class is for you if...

  • You are purchasing grains and not sure what to do with them, this masterclass is for you.

  • You want a healthy bowel function, this class is for you.

  • You just want to know more about grains from A-Z, this class is for you.


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What you'll learn

You will learn about the best grains for baking your own nutritious bread.

Learning from your mistakes

You will learn new things, learn from failure, and do better next time.

Getting excited about your next recipe

If and when you fail, you will use it as an experience for better outcome in next attempts

Staying focused

Cooking and baking requires focus, which may be applied to life in general

Being proud of your efforts

You will feel proud with what you have created, even if just for yourself.

Tapping into your creative side

You will learn to develop creativity and patience in baking fresh bread

You can do this!

I used to throw away a lot of food because I made mistakes and thought I failed completely. But my family encouraged me by eating some of my failed attempts until I got better to the point of encouraging me to the point of writing one cookbook and on the verge of a second one. I also would get multiple requests to run cooking classes for churches as far as Africa and the Caribbean.


So... are you in?

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